So I finally opened my Catch Me If You Can poster tube.

no regrets for yummy uniformed men!

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Super Junior <Sexy, Free & Single> Kyuhyun’s Thanks To:

Thank you for everyone who gave so much, we will display an even better side of ourselves~ together!

Chinese Translation: yuki最爱赫J澈

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Lou Yi Xiao’s Weibo Update:
at 8pm on Valentines day, remember to watch Shanghai New Entertainment’s ‘We Got Married’. I hope everybody supports me and Kyuhyun’s I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it married couple. (No info from officials) but I heard someone gave us the name the vegetable cutting couple? This…. who did this? Aish, communication between Chinese and Korean, let’s all get along?  

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We Got Married’ Chinese Special BTS (Kyuhyun and Yi Xiao)

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Sina’s ‘We Got Married’ Valentines Day Special Preview 

Will air two episodes February 14th 20:00-21:00,22:00-23:00!

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希天才祝佳和圭贤生日快乐~ 也祝从今天起要生日的朋友们~ 提前祝你们生日快乐~ 希希希希

Happy birthday to Jia and Kyuhyun~ also an early happy birthday to friends having birthdays after today~ heeheeheehee <3 <3 

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To the awkward boy who started off unwelcomed, now the charismatic, still-awkward, beautiful lead singer ♥

Seeing you smile so dorkily would always brighten my day. I will never forget what a nerd you were in the past, but oh wait you still are right? You’ve grown so much. You may be a bratty and snarky maknae who sometimes doesn’t use formalities to his hyungs but I know you love them so much anyway ♥ Being the youngest wasn’t easy for you in the past, I’m so glad you survived through that. You were talented enough to debut after such a short training time, just a fresh face in the industry in an established group. The hate you received at first was harsh, but they learnt what a lovely character and addition you were and you were finally accepted. Your nightmare hadn’t ended yet, a year later you were in a car accident, so thank you for staying strong; For your family, for us, for everybody.

Stay beautiful, dorky, nerdy, strong, a Starcraft addict, a purple egg, a rich-voiced lead singer and someone I’ll always admire, Cho Kyuhyun.
Happy Birthday and (try to at least) party hard!♥

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